Our CollarTag™ Warranty

At CollarTags™ we stand by our product.

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CollarTags™ are UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED to last the life of the pet the tag is purchased for – and they do.



Visit our Trustpilot Review Page to read what pet owners who use our collar tags say about how well they hold up over time.

If you purchase one of our CollarTags™ and the text ever becomes unreadable—or the tag falls off your pet’s collar—the tag will be replaced free of charge (including mailing costs).

Note:  Warranty tags will be replaced with the original tag text.

CollarTags™ No Quibble Satisfaction Guarantee

If, after having your CollarTag™ for one week you are not completely happy with it we will refund your purchase price, and you can keep the tag.  If you do not agree the CollarTag you receive from us is as good or better than any other pet tag you have ever seen I will refund of your purchase price.  I am that confident.  Ask any other Pet ID Tag / Dog Tag supplier if they will make that promise.  Note:  This guarantee does not cover dissatisfaction due to errors in the text keyed in by the person who places the order, i.e., errors in tag text keyed in when the order is placed.

CollarTags™ Text Legibility Guarantee

CollarTags™ are guaranteed to remain legible for the life of the pet the CollarTag™ is purchased for.  You will not have to ever buy another id tag unless you need to update your contact information.  When deciding which tag to buy keep in mind that you will have to replace a traditional hanging tag many times over the life of your pet.  A CollarTag is the last tag you will have to buy unless you need to update your contact information.  UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED.  As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”

CollarTags™ Security Warranty

The adjustable length collar CollarTag™ / the CollarTag™ with the opening in each end, is guaranteed not to fall off your pet’s collar. Any adjustable length collar CollarTag™ that falls of a pet’s collar (goes missing) will be replaced free of charge.

Slide-On Style CollarTags™

The slide-on style CollarTags™ cannot fall off a pet’s collar unless the collar is unbuckled.  We do not cover loss due to the collar coming unbuckled.

Adjustable Length Collar CollarTags™

Note:  The adjustable length collar CollarTag™ is not guaranteed to be secure on collars that are narrower than the width of the collar the size CollarTag™ you order is designed for.

The adjustable length collar CollarTag™ is not guaranteed to be secure on collars made of cloth-like material or seat belt gauge webbing, i.e., flimsy collar material will compromise the security of the adjustable length collar style CollarTag™.

Mailing Guarantee

All orders are mailed within 24 hours of their being placed Monday thru Friday.  There are no exceptions to this turnaround time rule (we do not mail tags on Saturdays, Sunday, or Federal Holidays).  Tags ordered after 5 AM Pacific Time on a Friday mail on the following Monday.