No Quibble Satisfaction Guarantee

If you aren’t happy with the tags you receive from us we will refund your purchase price and you can keep the tags.

“The first set lasted through swims, runs in the woods, aggressive play… they never fall off and are still as legible as the first day we got them.”

If your pet goes missing six months after you put its id tag on its collar and its finder cannot read the contact information on the tag you may never see your beloved pet again… Not a problem if the tag is a CollarTag™ because CollarTag™ text NEVER goes away.

All traditional hanging tags are subject to friction and thus—like all things subject to friction—doomed to fail in time.  A Pet ID Tag on which the contact information can no longer be read is a worthless Pet ID Tag—and it may cost you your pet.

I guarantee the text on my CollarTags™ to remain legible for the life of the pet the tag is purchased for.

Make sure you buy the Authentic CollarTags™ Brand.

CollarTags™ Are Made In The USA

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