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“I have used CollarTags for over 10 years now. I can’t speak highly enough about the quality of these tags! If I hadn’t moved several times, I wouldn’t have to order new tags, as these things are absolutely indestructible. I work with a rescue organization, and use them on my foster pups as well! I change out my dogs’ collars for the seasons, and while the adjustable CollarTags are easy to take on/off, they have never fallen off inadvertently. I recommend these to everyone I know and tell them emphatically NOT to order something off of Amazon that will arrive two days later. The difference in quality is huge…trust me (and this is coming from someone obsessed with her two day Prime delivery). THESE ARE THE BEST.”  Amanda B. Trustpilot Review left on the Boomerang Tag Site on January 18, 2020

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…last a lifetime and do not fall off

“I have used CollarTags for years. They do last a lifetime and do not fall off. I also love how quick I get them when ordering. I lost a dog for 4 days, he was found and they quickly found the tag and called, and I had him home in minutes. I tell all my friends about these tags.
Linda P

…Quality is so good, I’ve never replaced a tag because it was no longer legible

“Its rare these days to find someone building quality into a product to the point its made so well you may never come back. is just such a company. Since my first order with CollarTags, almost 12 years ago, this is the only place I come to for ID tags for my pets and gifts for friends who just adopted or received a pet. Quality is so good, I’ve never replaced a tag because it was no longer legible.
Tim M

…after five years ….these tags aren’t going anywhere

When I ordered these I was skeptical.  We have ranch dogs, they run through the brush all day long and then go for a swim in the lake.  After five years I can tell you that these tags aren’t going anywhere, not only that, they look as good as they did the day we got them.  Bottom line:  If my boys can’t shake em off – no dog can.”
Carol H

…I was a bit worried it might tend to come off by itself since our dog is very active, but that is not the case

“The tag was nicer than expected (especially at this price). It is made of a nicely thick metal, bent in a circular radius to better conform to the dog’s neck. I was a bit worried it might tend to come off by itself since our dog is very active, but that is not the case – it can even be challenging to take it off by hand, which in this case is actually desirable (putting it on on the other hand was a breeze). The engraving is nicely defined and deep enough that I have no concerns about it rubbing off – lots of information fits on a relatively small tag. I am buying another one for our dog’s jogging collar. I don’t see any way in which the tag or the shopping experience could be improved. Thank you! **Please note that I was neither paid nor got any discounts for this review.”
Margie Z

…they definitely stay put and won’t fall off

“I discovered these collar tags years ago when my dog would sneak into my infant’s room with her noisy, jingly tags and cause chaos. Well, that infant is now 14, so several years and a few dogs later, CollarTags are still the ONLY tag I will buy. Very high quality, sturdy & durable, great-looking tags, and they definitely stay put and won’t fall off. And I love that my dogs are now in stealth mode – I really dislike noisy traditional tags. Excellent product! I am a customer for life!”

…I mistakenly ordered a collar tag from another company…it only lasted a month before it broke.

“These are the highest quality pet tags around. They last a pet’s lifetime. We are repeat customers for well over a decade now. I recently mistakenly ordered a collar tag from another company. When I realized my mistake, I shrugged and figured it’d do for awhile. Well it was a very short while, less than a month before it broke. Glad to have rediscovered Boomerang!”     Jason P

…don’t waste your money on the copy cats

I’ve bought many CollarTags over the years and no other tags compare. The tags I bought years ago are as easy to read as the day I bought them. Don’t waste your money on the copy cats or cheaper tags, these are the best.

…absolutely no wear & tear

“CollarTags are the best! I just ordered for the 3rd time for a newly adopted doggie. The 1st time was in 2010 & the 2nd instance was in 2014 (3 different doggies). The tags from 2010 & 2014 look exactly like the brand new ones I just received! There is absolutely no wear & tear on the older ones. Do not look any further – place an order & you will have these tags for life!
Lauren N

…Love this tag!

This is the second CollarTag I have ordered for my dog.. The jingling of tags drives me nuts plus my dog seemed to get regular tags caught in stuff and ripped them off. He had his first CollarTag for 3 years and no issues at all. He got out a few times and the person who found him has always been able to find the tag and call me. Love this tag!”

…my preferred method to ID my pets

“We’ve ordered more than 10 CollarTags over the years. The CollarTag for adjustable length collars is my preferred method to ID my pets. Fits flat, stays on the collar and is comfortable for them.”
Kay E

…have never been disappointed

“These tags are the best by far! I have bought several tags and collars over the last 10 yrs, and have never been disappointed. Quality tags and collars!”

…absolute best tags and collars. …if you really love your pet and value their safety…

“The absolute best tags and collars. The tags are very well made and the text in the tags are deep and you can actually read the information. The collars are very well made. Wonderful guarantee. If you really love your pet and value their safety you wouldn’t look any further than for Pet ID Tags & Collars.”
Rose C

…The only reason a new set was needed: we moved and had to update the address on tag!

“Just ordered a new set of tags; one for all the different type collars we use. The first set lasted through swims, runs in the woods, aggressive play… they never fall off and are still as legible as the first day we got them. The only reason a new set was needed: we moved and had to update the address on tag! Highly recommend.”