Collartags™ Frequently Asked Questions

Mailing Method and Time to Receive Your Order

All orders are mailed within 24 hours of the order being placed Monday thru Friday via USPS First Class Mail.  First Class Mail is the same level of service one uses to pay a bill by mail, there is no tracking with this service.  The tags we mail usually are in the customer’s mail box within 3 to 5 days of our posting them.  Some mail is delayed due to weather or being misrouted and takes longer than it should take to arrive.  Any order that fails to arrive within 12 business days is refilled free of charge, the need for this is rare.  Prior to 12 business days, we do not take any action on unreceived orders.  Note:  It is best not to have your order mailed to your place of employment and it is important to list the name of the person who lives at the address as the addressee, i.e. if you are visiting a friend provide their name in the addressee mailing field.

Regarding Tag Text and for Formatting of Same

We offer 5 lines of text on the small, medium and large size CollarTags™, on the mini size we allow 4 lines of not more than 14 characters per line.  All text is centered, top to bottom, left to right, 100% of the time.  You can key in ANY text you want on any text line we offer.  Less requested lines will result in a larger font point size on the lines we do engrave on the tag(s) you order.  We do not do any data entry here to fill your order, i.e., the actual text you key in on the site is downloaded and used to create your tag text.

Regarding our Guarantees

CollarTags are GUARANTEED to remain legible for the life of the pet they are purchased for.  Any CollarTag™ the text cannot be read on, no matter how old, will be replaced free of charge.  Note, this is not a cosmetic guarantee, it is a functional guarantee.  The guarantee is that the finder of your lost pet will be able to read the tag text and contact you.  After 20 years of producing CollarTags™, I have yet to see one I could not read every letter on.  Further, the adjustable length collar CollarTags™ (the style with the opening in each end) is GUARANTEED not to fall off the collar it is installed on provided: 1) That the size is correct for the width of the collar the tag is installed on and 2) That the collar is made of a substantial gauge of nylon webbing.  Cloth-like collars or collars made of seat belt gauge webbing will compromise the security of the adjustable length collar CollarTag™ design—but as long as the collar is made of substantial gauge of webbing, and most adjustable length collar are,  you will not have a problem with the security of this CollarTag™ design (they have stood the test of time).

Return Policy

There are no returns on personalized items.  Personalized items cannot be exchanged, once we engrave your text on the tag you order it is of no value to anyone other than you; we cannot sell the tag to someone else with your personal information on it, nor would you want us to even if we could.  Collars that do not fit your pet’s neck, or that are defective can be exchanged.  If you have a problem with a collar you receive from us, email us.

Privacy Policy

We do not share any information you provide to us with any third party.  The information we receive from you is used strictly to fill your order and or communicate with you about your order.  Further, no one at ever sees or has access to your credit card number.

How Your Order is Paid for

All payments are run on PayPal’s SECURE Server.  You DO NOT have to have a PayPal Account to pay for your order with a credit card.  The reason we use PayPal to run our customer’s charge card orders is to ensure the security of the transaction.  Security is PayPal’s specialty.  Our specialty is high-quality P ID Tags.  If you do use a credit card to pay for your order PayPal will send you a receipt, and so will we.  This does not indicate a double charge.

Other Questions

If you have any questions that are not covered above email

All emailed questions will be replied to promptly Monday thru Friday (usually within an hour or two, often within a few minutes).  Emails sent on weekends may not be responded to until Monday Morning.