Surgical Stainless Steel Pet IDs Are The Best Pet ID Tags You Can Buy.


Each of our CollarTags™ is made of Surgical Grade Stainless Steel. It’s the best material for your pet’s collar tag ID.

What matters most in a pet ID tag, above all else, is durability.  The good news for durability and Surgical Grade Stainless Pet ID CollarTags™ is that “You can’t hurt steel!”

Surgical instruments & CollarTags™

Surgical Grade Stainless Steel is the kind of metal surgeons’ tools are made of. It does not interact with the environment, nor will it rust.  Even if you leave Surgical Grade Stainless Steel in salt water for a year it will look just like it did the day you put it in the salt water.

For all intents and purposes, Surgical Stainless Steel is, “bulletproof.” Our CollarTags™ stainless steel pet ID tags have the same benefits.

How the CollarTags™ brand overcomes the challenges of very hard Surgical Stainless Steel

The same fantastic quality that makes Surgical Stainless Steel so durable is also what makes it a challenge. Because Stainless Steel is a very hard metal, it is very hard to mark.  If you buy a stainless steel tag made in a pet store id tag vending machine, or from one of my online competitors, it will have very fine hair-line lettering. It will be hard to read at the outset and unreadable soon after you put it on your dog’s collar.

The laser marking method on stainless will yield the same unsatisfactory results and will soon be unreadable.

Research and development for the perfect solution

We were determined to create a durable and permanently readable pet ID tag.

We invested a lot of time into research and the development of custom made engraving machines in order to be able to engrave the Surgical Grade Stainless Steel CollarTags™ that I produce with deeply engraved text.

What we discovered is that it requires the use of a diamond under high pressure to get the lettering deep into this very hard metal.  All that hard work and experimentation was well worth it.

I guarantee the text on my CollarTags™ to remain legible for the life of the pet the tag is purchased for, and it will.

But don’t take my word for it, read what people who have experienced CollarTags™ have to say about how well they have held up over time on their pet’s collars.  Visit our CollarTag Review Page.

A word about different types of Stainless Steel

Surgical Grade Stainless steel is non-magnetic.

Here’s how you can tell if Stainless Steel is Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

If the stainless your pet’s ID tag is made of reacts to a magnet it is not surgical grade stainless.  If the tag reacts to a magnet it has high iron content and will be subject to rust and corrosion.

Of course, aluminum tags will not react to a magnet either, but aluminum tags are too soft to be stand up to what an active dog will subject them to.

That’s why surgical stainless steel pet ID tags are the most reliable.

Comparing other Pet ID tag materials to Surgical Stainless Steel Pet IDs


Aluminum may be good for beer and soda cans but not for your pet’s ID tag.

Why?  A few reasons:

  1. The metal is soft so the text will quickly wear off the tag. Even a dog’s bite can dent the metal.  The reason it is the metal of choice for vending machine tags is that it is soft—it’s the only metal those machines can mark.
  2. The color coating on it [called anodized] is micro-thin.  It looks good before you put it on your pet, but the micro-thin coating will quickly wear off.
  3.  After the anodized coating wears off you are left with a dull grey tag that will stain light color pet fur. I experimented with aluminum as a tag material back in the eighties and rejected it as a tag material without ever offering a single one of my customers a tag made of it—this because I felt doing so would be irresponsible.  My mission is not to sell my customers a piece of junk the main motive for which would only be to separate them from their purchase price; but rather a pet id tag that will result in the finder of their lost pet being able to contact them—years after they put the tags on their pet’s collar.


I recently read a piece online in which a person had asked, “What is the most durable metal for a pet ID tag.”  The person who responded to the question claimed, “Stainless Steel or Brass.”  Wrong!

Brass is a weak metal, it does not hold up very well over time on a pet’s collar.  If we are talking about a traditional hanging tag the attaching hole in a brass tag will quickly wear through and the tag will fall off, or the text will be erased as the tag swings against other tags and or collar hardware.

A traditional hanging tag made of Stainless Steel will outlast a brass tag ten to one.  Further brass tarnishes badly and will also stain light color pet fur.

Our Surgical Stainless Steel Pet ID CollarTags™ are Guaranteed to last the life of your pet

The reason we put ID tags on our pets is so that if they ever go missing their finder will be able to contact us.  If your pet’s ID tag has fallen off its collar, or the text on the tag is unreadable, the tag you selected may cost you your pet.

To sum up, Surgical Stainless Steel is the best metal for any stainless steel pet ID tag and a Surgical Grade Stainless Steel CollarTag™ will always be there with text the finder of your lost pet can read. They’ll easily read your contact information and any supplementary information you include. 

My Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Pet ID CollarTags™ are UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED to last the life of the pet they are purchased for, and they do.

Give yourself peace of mind. If your beloved pet ever goes missing and it has a CollarTag™ on its collar you won’t need to wonder. You will be able to rest assured its CollarTag™ will be on its collar with text its finder will be able to read – and at that point that is all that will matter to you.